The future of money has arrived, Truckcoin Gold (TRKC)

Whether you're a company, a financial insitution or an individual investor, Truckcoin Gold (TRKC) will be an indispensible part of your daily life.


We are building up fastest decentralized multi-modal global market. Backed by our privacy and security blockchain technology.

Our Ideology




A proof of work base crypto-currency, this cryptocurrency allow any can get the coin based on mining, the earlier mining the easier coin you get when network's difficulty is still low. Difficulty will be determined every new block found.


Design Work

Design Work

Strongest privacy and security blockchain based on Cryptonight Technology.


Astro Designing

Astro Designing

Friendly GUI, current WINDOWS Wallet is easy to use and handle your current balance effectively.




Uses a special technology called “ring signatures”...



Around 1-2 MB scratchpad allows TRUCKCOIN to run efficiently...


Being a great feature, un-traceability doesn’t protect a receiver...



Like any other digital currency, Truckcoin is cryptographically secured...

Analysis Resistant

Truckcoin’s blockchain analysis resistance results from unlink-ability, which was achieved by using a modified version of the ...


Blockchain Pruning For Scalablility

Pruning allows the blockchain to stay small and not outgrow devices with limited storage...

Decentralized digital currency is slowly becoming a normal part of everyday life. Yet people’s main internet device continues to be their mobile, a device with a low-powered CPU and limited available storage

Truckcoin is about enabling this era, enabling an age where all people everywhere have the freedom to privately send and receive money with whatever gadget they already own. With Truckcoin, you are your own bank.

There is only you can control and be responsible for your funds. Your accounts and transaction are out of reach to any prying eyes. Truckcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the internet network.


  • Spring 2014

    Truckcoin had been formed

    Truckcoin enterd the world stage and created confidence real world crypto currency applications!

  • Winter 2014

    Relocating to Mining and Trading Area

    One of the first instituion in the world to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency!

  • 2015

    Conferences and Education

    Attending conferences all over the world and educating the masses about the Blockchain !

  • Spring 2016

    We expand our team

    Structuring the fundaments of the new Truckcoin Blockchain Tech Company Goldenhill Solution and writting the Truckcoin ecosystem!

  • Summer 2016

    Investment Program

    Launching up the Investment program sharing profit for investors!

  • Fall 2016

    Reach target

    $10 Million investment amount

  • Release the Blockchain with GUI Wallet app for WINDOWS


  • Winter 2017

    Successful ICO of 10% Coins

    Ready to get cooking!

  • Summer 2018

    Decentralised Market Launches

    The Software and backbone goes public!

  • Winter 2018

    Opening up to world markets

    Trading goes viral!

  • Spring 2019

    Kiosk and Terminal roll out

    Time to make money! Sales of first batches.

  • Summer 2019

    Marketcap TOP 10 Goal reached.

    Welcome to the new game changer of the blockchain world.

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